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Have a question? Call us!

02 9520 8819

We supply pre-assembled Timber Frames & Trusses made to your plans at the right price. 

Just supply a cutting list or plan and price breakdown required for your project and we take care of the rest!


Phone:          (02) 9520 8819

                       (02) 9520 8477

Fax:               (02) 9520 8051





Address:     6 Burns RD Heathcote NSW 2233

PO Box 164 Engadine NSW 2233

Trading Hours:      Mon-Thurs:   7.00am-5.00pm

                                   Fri:          7.00am-4.00pm

                                  Sat:          8.00am-1.00pm

Phone:9520 8819 | Fax:9520 8051

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